Wake Up the Creative Mind in You

Validate Your Business Ideas

Make Sustainable Innovations in Your Company

Why Us?

Do you have a fear that your business might fail without a successful innovation? It is a common fear many of us feel in this rapid changing environment. But do you know where to start?

Changing mindset of everyone in your company to the innovative entrepreneurial mindset, and give them environment to try and fail their ideas. The key concept is simple, but we know it is not easy to actually execute.

The reasons why startup companies can make constant innovation is because they are constantly challenged by their environment and they need to think ways to thrive everyday. This mentality also can be replicated in large firms too, but it requires a long-term committement to make meaningful impacts.

We are here to provide programs to help all level of people gain practical knowlege of how to initiate innovative practices and make them into your habit:

1) Small courses to wake up your creative mind and gain habits to find new ideas

2) Half-day to 2 days hands-on workshops to learn how to validate your business idea

3) Customized programs to identify unique selling points (USP) of your potential new busineses through understanding real customer's problems, identify your potential customer's persona, prototyping products, and make a viable product and services based on constant test-feedback cycles with actual customers.

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